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Richard & Denise Bennett from Nottingham wrote on February 1, 2016:
Hi Matt,(Hoey) we're keeping up with your progress via the website. Keep safe, Den & Rich xxx
Chris Sisson from London wrote on February 1, 2016:
Hi Hoeyfish (and team) - best of luck on the trip Royal. With all the time at sea I sincerely hope you managed to officially pass a BST before you boarded!!
Esther & Eryn Hoey from Plymouth wrote on February 1, 2016:
Hello Daddy,missing you lots. Hope you are having a good time. Hurry home because we want our penguins!!!!
Margaret & Roy Lemon from Sheringham wrote on February 1, 2016:
Happy Birthday to Tim and safe journey to the team.
Dav L Rohde from Manitowoc, Wisconsin USA wrote on February 1, 2016:
First -off: I'd sell one of my sister's kidneys to be among you, elite few! 😉 Just wishing everyone safe travels and a wish - Stay Frosty! Team - building petri dish: Reminds me A Lot of RANGER and SF training at Ft. Bragg[among other AO's]! Awesome job w/ the dailies! TTU Soon! Cheers2All! D.
Charlotte from Lincoln wrote on February 1, 2016:
Here's to you and the team, Emily. It's all looking very exciting.....and cold! I hope your thermals are working.
Laura aka Molly's other half from Kabul wrote on February 1, 2016:
For the Beefeater wannabe, Happy Anniversary! Daisy Duck is pining away for Ducky and looks forward to meeting his new Happy Feet friends. For the entire team, all the best! It sounds like you are having a terrific adventure!
Caroline from Ushuaia wrote on February 1, 2016:
Hello everybody ! Just a small post to wish you a really nice travel. I hope all is good and you had good weather windows. Envoy and all the best 😉
Marie Haynes-Perks from Tunbridge Wells wrote on February 1, 2016:
Enjoying the online journal - fascinating reading. At times you feel you are almost there, keeping an eye out for the small 'bergs and watching the wildlife (I am slightly green with envy that you are seeing the various species of albatrosses as they glide past Xplore. Hope the journey to SG goes well and my best wishes to you all.