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Becca Howell from Woburn wrote on February 10, 2016:
Hi Tony and the team, Huge congrats on your achievement getting this far! I have been enjoying reading about your adventures, and have massive respect for the bravery, determination and skills you have all exhibited to undertake this amazing journey. Wow, what fantastic memories you will have after this! 🙂 Good luck for the rest of the expedition. Becca Ps. Would be much obliged if you could bring home one of those cute Adelie penguins for me!! 🙂
Annie from Bala, North Wales wrote on February 10, 2016:
Reading the blog has become part of my daily routine! I'm enjoying every entry and am so proud of not only my Dad (Molly, who clearly isn't laying off the story telling) but the whole team. Can't wait to keep track of the progress. Have fun and stay safe! Love Annie (Ps Dad, Billy is now 31 Weeks and doing great) xx
Sandra and Alistair Angus from Glasgow wrote on February 10, 2016:
Hi Donald - I've just checked the Tracker again and the team are doing incredibly well! It looks as if you could be at South Georgia today (10 February) or tomorrow! Well done! We are thoroughly enjoying reading the super blogs, admiring the beautiful photographs and tracking the team's progress. Please take good care of yourselves and each other. Lots of love Mum and Dad
Peter & Gail Bower from Leicester wrote on February 9, 2016:
Well done Matt & all the team. Fantastic performance keeping us on the edge of our seats! Morning routine for us is now blog, tracker then kettle on - what we have to sacrifice for our naval heroes. Keep it up team - we are all with you in spirit.See you soon, Mum, Dad & family (inc Bentley)
Gill Minikin from Beaconsfield wrote on February 9, 2016:
Hi Tony, We're really enjoying reading the blog posts. Your description of the icebergs was awe-inspiring; the seas and the sailing must be very magical too - I can't imagine being in such a small yacht in such a big place. Really good to follow your progress like this. We hope the trip continues well. Good luck to all of you and love and best wishes from Garth and Gill Minikin. We're looking forward to hearing more, and to seeing you when you come back.
Lynn Lane from Fareham wrote on February 9, 2016:
Reading with many LOLs and enjoying every minute of your adventure from afar! That said, Storm Imogen hit us with a vengence so feeling some low level empathy - tree to the left of our drive way blew over but no damage done. Luckily our tree remained upright otherwise my car and Shady's trailer would have been squished! Otherwise all good here. Keep warm and keep the stories rolling - love Lynn and Mini Shady X PS Shady swears he doesn't snore and now I have positive proof!!!!
Martha from Southampton wrote on February 9, 2016:
Checking in everyday and really enjoying the updates. Well done all, keep safe 🙂
Marie Haynes-Perks from Tunbridge Wells, Kent wrote on February 8, 2016:
It's not often I get the opportunity to laugh nowadays, but after reading the blog on the arm wrestling match I had a good chuckle. Kris, you are in the wrong job - you should be writing scripts for comedy shows... Molly - love the blog entitled 'Drake's Passage'; it's fascinating to see how you work as a team in such a small confined area. The description of the yacht and its limited space really hit home. And it goes to show that good team dynamics make all the difference. If only certain sections of the Civil Service worked in the same fashion. Keep up the good work folks - looking forward to the next blog to come out. I think Shackleton would be very proud of you.
Denise & Richard from Nottingham wrote on February 8, 2016:
Love keeping up to to date with your progress. Take and be safe xx
Barbara Winter from Norwich wrote on February 7, 2016:
Barbara Winter to Tim- sharing your Birthday with penguins must be the first! Glad all going well. Safe passage to all. With Love, Mummy.
Trish from London wrote on February 7, 2016:
Hi Tony & the gang! Great adventure & amazing photos! Wish you a good luck for rest of your journey & looking forward to hear about your experience 🙂
Marie from Tunbridge Wells wrote on February 7, 2016:
Good luck and Godspeed to you all.
Sarah from Bristol wrote on February 6, 2016:
Emily the photos look amazing, still tracking you 🙂 The weather looks fab, it's wet and wild so no cycling this weekend as I don't fancy trying to recreate ET!!
Maxie from Winch wrote on February 6, 2016:
Tony, if you can do this you'll almost be as amazing as me. That's incentive enough for anyone right?
Kate, Mark & Leni from Milton Keynes wrote on February 6, 2016:
Hi Tony, amazing adventure! Enjoy every minute and wrap up warm!! Big thumbs up and the best of British to all the team xx
John Asika from Manchester wrote on February 6, 2016:
Well done guys. Wishing you all the best. A special shout to my good friend Tony Lancashire. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip over a couple of pints... God's speed and good luck with the rest of the journey. JA
Sandra and Alistair Angus from Glasgow wrote on February 6, 2016:
Hi Donald - great to hear everything's going to plan, including diversions for nasty weather systems! Wonderful to be able to receive the well written, descriptive blogs and the vivid pictures from the remoteness of Antarctica. Looking forward to keeping up with all the team's adventures and wishing you all safety and success in the coming days. Lots of love Mum and Dad
Phil Shelton from Horsham wrote on February 6, 2016:
Loving reading about your adventures - it all looks amazing! Just off to the pub to watch the first England 6 Nations match, so will have a beer for you. Each of you!! 🙂
Amir Davari from London wrote on February 6, 2016:
Hey Tony and the team! Fantastic achievement, well done to you all. What an experience, adventure and journey! Proud of my Cranfield classmate. Keep safe and all the best to you and your team
Dinesh Venkateswaran from Harrow wrote on February 6, 2016:
Hi Tony and everyone, good luck with the rest of the trip. Have fun.